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Ace Hand Molds

These molds can be used for casting lead, bismuth, tin and oven or air dried plastics. Ace molds are made out of carbon and rubber and other proprietary materials. They range from 3” to 12” in length in one inch increments.

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Ace Hand Molds.
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The Smack Jack.

Smack Jack

The Smack Jack Is a jointed swimbait that is currently only available in the wake version. This beauty is hand crafted to capture the genuine look and action of an injured Skip Jack swimming along the surface. This lure is a must for all fisherman who love the thrill of watching a big game fish smash a topwater bait. The Smack Jack is available in Gray Back, only.

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The Flitterbait


In developing the Flitterbait we have attempted to capture all the action and versatility of a blade bait and all the stealth and beauty of a crank bait. The Flitterbait was modeled after the notorious gizzard shad. This bait is a spot on match of the gizzard shad that so many species key in on across the nation. The Flitterbait is universal, it can be trolled, cast or jigged vertically. We have caught fish in the jumps by fishing it fast through busting schools of fish and then turn right around and continue catching them by jigging it off the bottom after the fish go down. This lure is a must for those situations where you can find fish deep and can't get a lure in their face.

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The Gizz-4 and Gizz-3.

Green Pearl Gizz Series Lures

The Gizz series lures are hard bodied floating lures that are made from high impact lexan plastic. The Shape and finish match the appearance of the gizzard shad. The action also mimics the gizzard shad. These lures come in both deep diving and shallow diving versions. The Gizz-4 body measures 3 ¾ inches and the Gizz-3 body measures 2 ¾ inches. Both lures have two knockers that give the lure an added vibration. While casting, the unique design allows one of the lead knockers to move to the tail of the lure for more accurate casting. The Gizz-4 weighs 3/4 oz. and the Gizz-3 weighs 3/8 oz. The Gizz3 and Gizz4 both use stainless steel terminal components to add strength and avoid rusting. They are dressed in VMC red treble hooks for added performance and strike appeal.

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Todd McCollister

Todd McCollister

Scott Smith

Scott Smith

My Personal Best Smallmouth
Gizz 4 - Lake Cumberland

Todd's interview with "Hoggie" from Catch-n.com.
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Click here to listen to an interview (12-20-08) of Todd McCollister during a broadcast of Big Outdoors©. This recording is hosted by My Hunting and Fishing.

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